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Our organization is dedicated to providing hope and help for those struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, self-injury, and suicide.  The primary focus groups are youth & teens, veterans & active duty military, and first responders.  We exist to encourage, inform, inspire and invest directly into lives, treatment, & recovery.  The organization is the brainchild of Todd Woodfill, a nationally sought after Motivational Speaker, Youth Life Coach, Leadership Trainer and Mentor.  Todd has a passion for our youth, is a military veteran who served in Iraq, and worked as a first responder for over 10 years.


TW Foundation began from an opportunity to speak at a local high school between his regular leadership speaking commitments. Todd spoke to the youth about bullying and self-image but the response was far different than what he expected and was accustomed to with his business leadership speeches.  Instead of the normal thank-you's and pats on the back, Todd had the opportunity to hear stories from teens who were affected by the message and were reaching out for help.  Many had considered or even had made plans to commit suicide.  Finding so many teens hurting broke Todd's heart and led him to research the topic, only to find the epidemic is occurring around the world.

Never one to sit back and not take action

when a problem exists, Todd began 

building programs and speaking to youth

in his spare time.  In 2018, life was turned

upside down by Parker Rice.  Parker was

the son of Heath & Emily, close friends of

Todd's family.  A healthy, loving, and fun

young man who died by suicide and forced

Todd and his wife to completely reconsider

the work they had started.  After a tremendous amount of thought and prayer it was decided that our youth and teens are far too important to be a side project...we were going all in!  TW Foundation, Inc. was created and became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Todd's distinct passion for empowering youth to become catalysts for transformation in society, learn resilience, and to take control of their future allowed him to build and present programs that connected with youth.​Todd addresses self-image, bullying, suicide prevention, and a myriad of other concerns.  Todd's messages empower youth to overcome their obstacles, identify and reach their goals, find success in their lives, and thrive.

                               The TW Foundation Board of Directors had been extremely pleased with the results and 

                                 feedback from schools, organizations, and churches around the country following Todd's 

                                 speaking engagements, but were surprised when Todd approached them with the first change

                                 to purpose.  Todd wanted to add research and legislative impact and was prepared to act. 

                                 After receiving the board's approval, Todd built a team, coordinated with consultants and 

                                 scientists to research effective suicide prevention programs, began working with the 

                                 Congressional Mental Health Caucus,  Representative Gus Bilirakis, Representative Marcy 

                                 Kaptur, and Senator Bill Nelson, all in an effort to reduce youth & teen suicides.

                                 The impact was noticeable and immediate but through the research there were some surprising

                                 statistics discovered in regards to veterans and first responders. The discovery of this

                                 information coupled with a large amount of emails and phone calls from individuals in these

                                 groups reaching out for help, the Foundation realized there was more to be done.  The team

                                 immediately went to work and began coordinating with organizations such as the Department of

                                 Veterans Affairs, the US Army, the US Air Force, the Police Chiefs Association, and the Fire

                                 Chiefs Association to design programs and materials to serve those who have served us.

TW Foundation is focused on ending suicide, specifically in youth & teens, veterans, and first responders.


Join us in the battle to end this epidemic!

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