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Counseling & Coaching

There are two type of people in the world: those who think everyone needs therapy, and those who have never been.

We have built an extensive network of licensed counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists across the country that we utilize to refer those in need to directly. We also have a staff of highly trained life, professional, and performance coaches that work directly with those who are looking for improvement. Our coaches are experienced and trusted mentors who can help you approach life differently, maintain focus and balance, and make measurable progress toward your goals. The focus is on positive change; stating this is where I was, this is now where I am, and this is where I am going.

We will provide support, structure, and strategies to reach your potential. Coaching can help you to unleash the best that is within you. Whether it is dealing with mental health, drugs and alcohol addiction, balance and boundaries, your commitment to excellence, etc., we are here to give you what you need and the encouragement to stop, engage, create new healthy habits and make a change.

The difference between this and, say, psychological counseling is that together, you and your coach will build a partnership based on action. Our goal is to support you in living your greatest life, the life of your dreams.  You can do your life better - let us show you how and help you get there.

* Disclaimer: If while working with our coaches they feel that mental health counseling and medication is needed, they will support and encourage what is right, but will also stay with you to support the journey.  More times than not, they have encouraged third party professional care with their support and while standing by your side.

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