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The Cup of Hope Project


We will make a coffee bar that is a safe place for those suffering from mental health challenges and 100% of the proceeds will benefit mental health education and suicide prevention.


Join Us In Making

Something Special!

This will be the perfect space where mental health counselors will be available, volunteers can hang out and enjoy meeting new people, those in need of finding someone to talk to can find people ready to talk, and an overall safe place for everyone to enjoy some great coffee.

ALL Cup of Hope baristas will be trained in recognizing and assisting those with signs and symptoms of mental health challenges as part of the hiring process!

We will continue to share the message that it's OK to not be OK while breaking the silence around suicide and mental health challenges.


We get it! Life can throw us curve balls and some days we need a cup of coffee, somedays we need a bagel with our coffee, and somedays we need someone who cares to speak into our lives so we can get through the day.

The Cup of Hope will be designed to promote conversations because suicide prevention starts with a conversation and we will be in place for that conversation to start here.


Join us bringing hope and help to those in need!

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