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Fidget Quilts

We recently volunteered to help a group make “fidget quilts” …even though none of us sew!  A "Fidget, Fiddle, or Busy" Quilt or Activity Blanket is a small lap quilt, mat or blanket that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless or "fidgety" hands.  They provide sensory or tactile stimulation through the use of fabric choices, colors, value of colors next to one another, textures, and the use of accents or simple accessories such as pockets, laces, trims, appliques, buttons, secured beads, ribbons, braids etc.


Our quilts were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.  But these quilts can also be helpful for persons with autism or anxiety disorders to keep hands busy.  I loved the soft, silky fabric on the quilt I worked on…hard to give it up! 

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia can have hands that are restless or fidgety. You may notice movements such as hand rubbing, twisting fingers, or picking at fabrics. Fidgety hands may be a way of expressing anxiety or frustration. It is important to find safe, hands-on activities to provide comfort and the tactile stimulation your senior loved one needs. A “Fidget Quilt” is a small blanket or quilt that may be the perfect item to soothe and calm while safely stimulating those busy hands.

A small amount of giving of yourself can be a massive impact on others in need!

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