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Todd Woodfill

Founder & Executive Director

Todd is a nationally sought after speaker, mental health advocate, suicide prevention expert, and author.  He has grown Defeat Suicide Foundation into the country’s foremost mental health organization for youth & teens, veterans & active duty, and first responders, with award-winning programs and a vibrant network of similar groups.

Todd lives in Tampa, Florida, is married to the love of his life Holly, is the father of four children and one grandchild.

Scott Woodfill.jpg

SCOTT Woodfill

Board President

Scott is a sales executive at Salesforce in New York, NY.  His background is extensively based in the non-profit sector with an educational background at Grand Valley State University followed by years of consulting at NeonCRM.

Scott has been instrumental in his leadership and organization of our Foundation since it's inception.

Susan Wertenberger.jpg

Susan Wertenberger

Board Secretary

Susan is the owner of Technically Wright LLC, Wertenberger Housing LLC, Wertenberger Remodeling, and Wertenberger Philanthropy.  She is extremely active in veteran affairs support, homeless feeding programs, and multiple women shelters.

Susan has a passion for missions and helping others which has made her an integral part of our Foundation's success.

Martin Ellis.JPG

Martin Ellis

Board Member

Martin is the head groomer and co-owner of the Red Hydrant Pet Spa.  He took early retirement from a Fortune 100 company as VP in Sales and Customer Service.  Martin is a graduate of the Academy of Animal Arts and studied under an AKC Best in Show Judge and breeder.  He loves to compete in a variety of running events from 5K up to 140.6 mile Ironman competitions.

Kerri Timothy.jpg

Kerri Timothy

Board Member

Kerri is a licensed mental health counselor who is extremely active, compassionate, and caring. Kerri's in-depth knowledge and expertise has been instrumental in the Foundation's success in supporting those with mental health challenges. 

Roman Giamarese.JPG

Roman Giamarese

Board Member

Roman is the co-owner of the Red Hydrant Pet Spa and he is the mastermind behind the creation of it's retail merchandise gift area.  Roman had a successful business career opening and operating multiple retail businesses before moving to Florida and opening the Red Hydrant.  He is also an accomplished fitness rower and passionate about helping those in need.

Holly Woodfill.jpg

Holly Woodfill

Board Member

Holly is a famous fitness trainer and Instagram influencer.  She is also the main backbone and strength behind our Foundation and is directly responsible for it's growth, impact, and influence.  Holly's heart for helping others, sharing hope, and spreading the word of salvation are unmatched and important to the Foundation's continued impact.

Russell Cromley.jpg

Russell Cromley

Board Member

Russell is a major with the US Marine Corp having joined in 1987 and has been on 8 combat deployments.  Russ is also a Program Manager for Microsoft with one of his most interesting projects being the involvement of AI technology to identify suicide ideation in individuals.

Joel Eason.jpg

Joel Eason

Board Member

Joel is the senior pastor of Bridgeway Church in Wesley Chapel, FL which he founded in October of 2000.  Joel has utilized his gift of connection to help connect our organization with many people influential in helping us spread our message of hope.  Joel is also our spiritual mentor and has been integral with helping us in personal growth while ensuring our message stays true.

Larry Guilford.jpg

Larry Guilford

Board Member

Larry is the founder of Make A Difference, Inc which is a non-profit that has a dream and passion to help not only those in need, but to also help other organizations with their quest to help others as well.  Larry is a highly successful realtor and investor in the Pasco County, FL area.

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