Our Executive Director, Todd Woodfill, is a world renowned speaker who has taught leadership and mental health on stages around the world. He is known as a motivator that captivates, educates, and inspires his audiences!

Todd's excellent reputation and popularity as a speaker results from his knowledge, passion, warmth, and unique ability to demonstrate to his audience that he truly cares. Todd transforms complex information into interesting and easy to digest information that leaves the audience feeling empowered to put their new skills to good use.

Todd has spoken at middle & high schools, universities, churches, youth groups, military bases & gatherings, veteran organizations, police & fire departments, national youth organizations, and to government leadership of countries around the world. Todd is a mental health speaker with a mesmerizing message that he can cater his message to your specific needs.

"I'm so glad you came to our school!  I had everything bottled up... I found hope talking to you... I couldn't believe life could get better, but it has."

Brianna C.

"No way some white guy walking in our gym that day could understand me and what I was going through.. I was so wrong! You saved my life that day."

DeAndre D.

Todd has won many national and local awards for his motivational speaking and work in the mental health field. His background in the US Military, as a police officer, and as a fire officer, coupled with his passion and compassion have combined to create a powerful environment that can make a difference on your team and community. Reach out today and learn more about what Todd and the Defeat Suicide Foundation can offer.

See some of the testimonials from schools right here.

Some of the amazing groups we have been able to work with:


Ida HS

Ida MS

Wiregrass Ranch HS

Dr John Long MS

Summerfield HS

Grantsville HS

Bonneville HS

Rich HS

Altmont MS

Sevier MS

Gunnyson MS

Place Bridge MS

Heath MS

Prayder HS

Prayder MS

Haydan MS

Sierra Heights MS

Longfellow HS

Lemone MS

Dillon MS

And Many More...



Grace Family

Bethany Christian

First Baptist

Grace Fellowship

Christ United

Northview Christian

Traders Point


Eastside Christian

Community Baptist

St. Pauls

Heritage Reformed

Faith Free Will

Sherwood Oaks

Northside Baptist

Charity Church

Calvary Baptist

Redeeming Vine

Sanctuary Baptist

And Many More...

Youth Organizations
Military & Veteran
First Responders
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