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Rescue Work / Natural Disasters

The impact of a natural disaster is often measured by a handful of numbers: the number of fatalities and injuries, the number of homes and buildings destroyed, the cost of cleanup and repair. It doesn’t often account for the emotional wounds inflicted on survivors.

The Defeat Suicide Foundation recognizes the impact of natural disasters on mental health and is committed to being where we are needed. Whether disaster strikes the Florida panhandle, Puerto Rico, Texas, or California, we are there to help those suffering. When people experience these traumatic and often unexpected events, their first reaction is usually a combination of fear and distress.


They’re so far beyond the norm of normal human experiences that they really stand out. Even after the torrential rains end, or the flood recedes, or the fire burns out, many people continue to feel an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Implementing targeted mental helath care is critical after a natural disaster for saving lives, jobs, and families.


Your donations help us continue to help others!

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