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Resurrection Fern


I had the opportunity to visit New Orleans in December. I was intrigued by the beauty of a lush plant that was growing on many of the old oak and pecan trees. A mossy green blanket covered many trunks and branches. Our guide told us that the plant was called the Resurrection Fern. The lush leaves that I saw wither up and appear to die in hot and dry weather.


This remarkable plant can lose about 75 percent of its water content during a typical dry period and possibly up to 97 percent in an extreme drought. During this time, it shrivels up to a grayish brown clump of leaves. Resurrection Fern attaches itself to the deep cracks and fissures of the tree bark so that it can survive even though it appears to be dead. It holds on firmly but will “come back to life” within hours of receiving rainfall.


We all have times when we go through very difficult "dry periods" that seem hopeless. It is during those times that we need to hold on tight to persons who care about us until we are “resurrected.”

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