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Youth & Teens
(Active & Vets)

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Who We Are

The Defeat Suicide Foundation is dedicated to providing aid to youth and teens, men, and active duty and veteran warriors. Our mission is to foster hope, build resilience, and support emotional well-being. Our commitment is to stand as a beacon of strength and support, helping to defeat the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, and ensuring that no one faces their challenges alone and understands that there is hope available.

Our Core Value

Our vision is to be a light in people’s darkest times, “full of the Holy Spirit and anointed to bring good news to the afflicted, healing to the brokenhearted, and to set the captives free” (Isaiah 61:1); we strive to be to recognize and promote that our physical, mental, and spiritual health are all intertwined.

What We Are NOT

We have found more than a few Christians have difficulty with understanding and helping others with mental health challenges as they don’t recognize it as an illness. Although these same people would accept that Christians can get physically sick, they seem to think that Christians should not get mentally ill. We believe that all human beings, since the Fall, are living in a broken world, with decaying bodies, trapped wills and disturbed minds. There is no more reason for a Christian to think they will never experience mental illness than there is to think that we will never get sick. 

We DO NOT agree with the churches and Christians who state that mental health struggles are caused by a lack of faith, prayer, and devotional practices or simple rebellious choices. (This implies that people of faith should never struggle, but that’s not true.). Implying that anyone with mental health struggles doesn’t have a strong faith is cruel, and it fails to recognize the stories of faith that are often found in those who cling to God in their suffering.

We DO believe that we as the church are capable of doing much better than this! Because of God's grace we have the option of salvation, and there is no greater hope that can be offered.



Come alongside us as we provide hope and help to those suffering through mental health challenges.


Join us on YouTube as we share messages, interviews, and much more.

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